What is Modern Metanoia?

Modern Metanoia is a lectionary-based preaching commentary written by an ever-expanding group of faithful Christian preachers, pastors teachers, scholars, and lay leaders who are part of the Millennial Generation (in case you’re wondering, that’s roughly anyone born between 1980-2000). We are ecumenical, inclusive, and passionate about Jesus Christ. We share our thoughts and insights about the Biblical text each week. Join the conversation!

The fields of Biblical studies and Homiletics have benefited greatly from insightful and provocative Biblical commentaries that aid preachers and teachers of Scripture in preparing for weekly ministries in the Church and in the world. However, these commentaries are almost exclusively the work of scholars and practitioners who are “senior statesmen” in the academy and in the Church. But the Church is evolving! And so must the ancient crafts of preaching and teaching Scripture.


One thought on “What is Modern Metanoia?

  1. Read your Lent 5 stuff – it’s great but whilst I understand the desire to distinguish yourselves from past “Statesmen” not every one born before 1980 is male nor is their engagement with biblical material, theology and spiritually forever grounded in the past. Born in 1952 I did my theological an ministry studies from 2000 – 2005.


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