How Do I…?

UTILIZE YOUR RESOURCES: We hope our essays are helpful as you prepare for teaching and preaching, or simply for your own personal reflection. All of our materials are free and available for use—just remember to give proper credit to the authors.

RESPOND TO AN ESSAY: Did something you encountered here provoke a question or a comment? Feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the essay, or to jump into the conversation! We don’t have a lot of rules around here, but one of our non-negotiables is respect. Disrespectful or derogatory comments will be deleted and blocked.

WRITE FOR MODERN METANOIA: We’re always looking for thoughtful writers to offer their own unique perspectives and insights about the Biblical text! Essay assignments are made by our editor, Marshall Jolly, several months in advance. Contact him at rev(dot)marshall(dot)jolly(at)gmail(dot)com and be sure to include a sample of your theological writing and a brief biography. He’ll be in touch!



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