Lent 5(A): A Miracle Beyond the Miracle

Lent 5(A): A Miracle Beyond the Miracle John 11:1-45 By: The Rev. Oscar A. Rozo When it comes to facing difficulties in life, I always become a Martha! In today’s reading from the Gospel of John we encounter one of the most painful and difficult moments that anyone can face in life: the death of … Continue reading Lent 5(A): A Miracle Beyond the Miracle

Proper 15(A): Living Faithfully

Proper 15(A): Living Faithfully Matthew 15:(10-20) 21-28 By: Colin Cushman This week’s reading presents us with two quite different stories. While in reality they probably shouldn’t actually go together, when we read them side by side, interesting dynamics and character development emerge. Both stories address a big question: How do we faithfully live as people … Continue reading Proper 15(A): Living Faithfully